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April 2016

The Bucket List Challenge: update 1

My first Bucket List Challenge update! I added pics to give you an idea what I’ve been doing. Share yours and let me know what your list looks like, comments are always welcome of course! I hope to inspire, only if it’s just a little bit.
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The Bucket List Challenge: starting now

I wrote my first bucket list when I was 20: it was a small piece of paper with some items scribbled on it. The piece of paper quickly became too small so five years later, I decided it was time to seriously take a look at it again and write it in a small notebook. I have kept it close to me ever since. It was a bit frustrating to see that I kept adding more items than I could ever cross off, but that didn’t stop me from adding more. I guess I just want a lot in – or from? – life.

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The Bucket List Challenge


Day 1: current relationship

I’ve been in a very stable relationship for quite some time now. Ups have interchanged with downs – naturally – but in like any good relationship you fight through the downs and you learn from them, and you enjoy and cherish the ups as much as possible.

Cliche alert coming right up!
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30 day challenge

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