I’ve been in a very stable relationship for quite some time now. Ups have interchanged with downs – naturally – but in like any good relationship you fight through the downs and you learn from them, and you enjoy and cherish the ups as much as possible.

Cliche alert coming right up!
A very sweet man joined this healthy relationship almost a year ago, and he has witnessed my ups and downs – and I in turn witnessed his -, accepted my shortcomings and embraced my interesting personality that is Pisces. But that’s day 7, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
I’ve been and I still am in a great relationship for years, and now I’m able to share it with someone else. After all: the relationship that truly counts and is most important is the one you have with yourself. When this is all set, the rest will follow. Yes, such a cliche. But cliches wouldn’t be cliches if they had some truth in them.

The reason why I put a spin to this post is that I’ve noticed that this topic’s focus is on romantic relationships only. What about the relationship you have with your parents? Your friends? Your pet? I’d love to hear about them!