My first Bucket List Challenge update! I added pics to give you an idea what I’ve been doing. Share yours and let me know what your list looks like, comments are always welcome of course! I hope to inspire, only if it’s just a little bit.

  1. Travel to Salar de Uyuni
  2. Travel to Antelope Canyon, Arizona
  3. Immigrate
  4. Learn Spanish
  5. Travel to New York
  6. Take snowboard lessons
  7. Take surf lessons
  8. Become a certified diver
  9. Take a hot air balloon flight
  10. Go cave climbing Speleolit, Porec, Croatia, 2011. We happened to come across an ad for cave climbing at the campsite where we were staying. Without even thinking I called to make a reservation and we were able to come the very next day. Even though a bit claustrophobic at times, it was such an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again. 
  11. Go bear watching. I didn’t really go bear watching, but I did see one cross a road. It doesn’t really count, so it’s still on the list.
  12. Attend an ice hockey game
  13. Become a certified helicopter pilot
  14. Become a certified climbing instructor
  15. Go rafting
  16. Go horse riding on the beach
  17. Quit my job
  18. Go skydiving Skydive Vancouver, Abbotsford, Canada, 2011. It was actually my mom’s idea to go when she visited me in Canada 3 years earlier. The jump was planned but cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather conditions. When I returned to Canada, the first thing she wanted me to do was to take a jump so I could finally cross it off my bucket list. And it would be pretty cool to her if I did it because she never got the chance.
  19. Take up climbing I started climbing in 2012 and practiced it for 2 years, until tendon injuries made it impossible for me to climb at a high level. It’s an amazing sport to practice and the sense of freedom when you’re climbing outdoors is out of this world. Climbing is for everyone: I’ve known people who had a fear of heights and overcame it by practicing this sport. Looking for a new kind of adrenaline shot? Climbing is the way to go. 
  20. See the Grand Canyon
  21. Visit San Francisco
  22. Go on a safari
  23. Camp on the beach Löderups Strandbads Camping, Sweden, 2014. A campsite in the middle of nowhere, right on the beach. It was owned by the campsite so when we had a ‘go’ to set up tent literally on the beach we couldn’t be more elated. Facing the Baltic Sea, the weather can be pretty spooky, but there’s nothing as breathtaking as witnessing a thunderstorm on the other side of the sea from a comfortable chair with the crackling fire of a fire pit as background music.
  24. Travel to South Africa
  25. Witness a tornado
  26. Win a photography contest
  27. Go whale watching Victoria, Canada, 2008. I took my bucket list with me on my 3-month-holiday to Canada, and whale watching was indeed on the list. My mom came to visit me and I wanted her to come with me since it was her dream too. It’s always risky to book a trip since it’s never a sure thing there will be whales to watch in the first place but luckily, we saw plenty. Absolutely amazing! I took pictures, but the images in my mind are the only ones that still put me on mute.
  28. Swim with dolphins

  29. Take my mother on a holiday to a country she’s never been before Everywhere and nowhere, Scotland, 2015. My mom almost never takes a vacation, so I felt it was my duty to take her to Scotland: a country she had been dying to go to for years. I rented a car – I was her chauffeur for the week – we drove more than 2000 miles in 6 days and witnessed the most amazing views, visited the most beautiful cities and most important of all: we had the best time enjoying each other’s company. We talked about basically everything, and it was like we got to know each other all over again. The last few days were truly the icing on the cake: the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival was in full swing when we got there and it was a dream come true being there. If you ever have the chance to take your mom on a trip: do it! You’ll be rewarded in many ways.
  30. Go on a survival trip (anywhere in the world!)
  31. Start a (small) revolution
  32. Get a motorcycle license My boyfriend at the time had a license and I joined him on rides sometimes. Soon I felt the urge to switch the passenger seat for the driver’s seat so I saved up money and started the training. One year later I got my license. Truth be told: I haven’t ridden for a long time. Mainly because I didn’t have the time, money and space to keep a motorcycle.
  33. Witness the Northern Light
  34. Quit smoking altogether. I still cheat sometimes, this has to stop!
  35. Return to Canada for a vacation In 2011, I returned to Canada for a 3-week-vacation to visit friends. I was on a relationship break and I desperately needed to get away. My mom – who knows me best – suggested I went back to Canada for a few weeks to clear my mind and she even offered me to buy the plane ticket for me: whatever it would take to get me going. I love my mom :-). As soon as I touched ground in Vancouver I instantly felt at home. It was a holiday with a lot of firsts: the first time I went camping Canadian Style with my dear friend Todd, the first time I saw a live bear crossing the road, the first time I went skydiving, the first time I went sailing on a huge sail boat while relaxing in a hammock, and the first time I attended a Gay pride of massive proportions and equal fireworks show. 
    Would I want to go back once more? Hard to say. I’ve been to the same destination twice and I think the next visit won’t top the previous ones. 
  36. Take up salsa classes I’ve danced ever since I was little: I have taken modern dance, ballroom and Latin dance and show dance classes. Show dance – as we call it – is a type of dance style that resembles street dance, slightly more elegant, with a set choreography and used for shows the school held every year. 
    After my dance partner dumped me for his girlfriend – the first time I was ever dumped by a guy, and I wasn’t even in a relationship with him – I found other ways to stay creative and on the move: playing the piano, taking up photography classes, running, just to name a few. Last year I got restless and I wanted to get going again, preferably by doing something I’d never done before. I signed up for salsa classes and have been doing it ever since. The best part is that you get to know a lot of fun people, go to salsa parties with them, meet even more people, and dance the night away of course. The salsa crowd is the best crowd you can wish for: friendly, laid-back and fun to be around.
  37. Get a dog
  38. Visit Yosemite National Park
  39. Travel to Buenos Aires
  40. Visit Cuba
  41. Go sailing for a whole (or a part of) summer
  42. Take a road trip
  43. Learn to play the conga and bongo drums
  44. Be so happy I could die
  45. Finally start up my Hear the World project that’s still on the shelf
  46. Throw a huge party Three other friends and I all turned 30 last year and we wanted to celebrate it… Well. So we booked a local restaurant/lounge bar, made them move all the furniture to fit all 300 guests, hired a DJ (my nephew, who’s truly awesome!) and basically danced and partied the night away. A bit like My Super Sweet Sixteen, but without the attitude. We had a Keep Calm- theme, so I designed the Save the Date announcements, the actual invitations and decorative posters in the same style and we even made a movie to officially start the evening. Detail was key, and it worked.
  47. To master jazz piano
  48. Travel to India
  49. Travel around for a few months Technically I’ve already done this, but I could definitely do it again. What is holding me back, you say? I think the thing that holds a lot of people back of doing so: practical stuff like time and money. It’s not top priority really, but it is priority enough to be on the list.
  50. Write columns for a newspaper
  51. See Bryan Adams in concert De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2009. I remember the ad appearing in my inbox: “Bryan Adams to perform at The Doelen! Book now: there are only a few tickets left!” I figured: if I don’t do this now, I’ll regret it forever. I had to go alone since my friends didn’t care about his music at all, but that didn’t bother me. The only thing on my mind was that I simply had to go. I went online, still doubted if I should buy a ticket since the prices went through the roof, but I booked. Halfway there. It was an acoustic show, with only him with his guitar and a piano on stage. Taking pictures was strictly forbidden, but I sneakily managed to take a few after all. I couldn’t have been happier to see this show: I think a concert in some big stadium would’ve had been different, but maybe not in a good way.
  52. Do absolutely nothing for a whole day
  53. Inspire or do something selfless and majestic for a complete stranger

Thanks for reading and hope to read yours soon!