Building embankments and dams at home and abroad? No big deal. Inventing groundbreaking things like the DVD and the mechanical metronome? Not a problem. Even though the Netherlands can hardly be found on a world map, many Dutch inventions, ideas and developments have found their way across the map. Some confuse us with Neverland, others think we ride our ever flat lands on our bicycles wearing our wooden shoes to work and back. Whatever ideas there are about the Dutch crowd, we’re definitely good at one thing: socializing. We love to get together, talk and share. No wonder we have come so far.

People -and myself – who come from such a tiny country and from an even tinier city, like to keep it simple. However small or big, amusing or tiring, entertaining or serious our issues, questions and interests: we need to share it. With a down-to-earth touch, of course.

In a nutchell, that’s the Dutch deal.