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Dying is the new living

I put the fun in funeral
How many people would you like to invite? Hard to say who still likes me by that time.
Would you like paper or linen invitations? Linen. It’s classier.
Would you like a single or multiple bouquets of flowers or would you like to have petals lightly scattered on the floor as you enter the room? I’ll still be kind of a princess, do the scattering.
Would you like to make use of multimedia devices during the service, e.g. a photo camera or camcorder? That would be fun, but I guess no one will really enjoy watching it afterwards.
Would you like to see our special offers? Sure, let’s go nuts.

For those who were wondering if I was planning a wedding or a party of some kind: nope, not really. Continue reading “Dying is the new living”


Botox is in the eye of the beholder

The first time I used botox I wasn’t even mature enough to have wrinkles. Unfortunately, it was for an even more embarrassing problem: extreme perspiration caused by changing hormonal levels . It took me one treatment and 800 dollars to realize that I would never do it again. I wanted to sit it out and stay natural for as long as possible, preferably at least until the age of 40. Sure.

Continue reading “Botox is in the eye of the beholder”

The name is bond

Every once in a while, no matter how old you are, you sometimes need an outlet or a shoulder to cry on. It could be your best friend, a colleague, a sibling or even a stranger. I, as so many others, turn to my parents. But it wasn’t always like that. Continue reading “The name is bond”

Must love musicians

Out of all the types of people in the world, musicians must be the most fascinating breed. MPSs – or musicians pur sang -, like firefighters, have some kind of quality that makes you look up to them, leaves you with a feeling of awe, like they have a superpower only they know how to control. For this reason, or just for kicks, some are determined to become an MPS’s other half, but they tend to forget that you don’t just become one: you choose to be one. However professional, semi-professional or amateurish your MPS is, one thing’s definite: beware of what you’re getting into. Continue reading “Must love musicians”

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